Always seize the deal, my friends

Fate. Destiny. Serendipity. Whatever you call it, this was truly meant to be.

Let’s take a little journey back in time, shall we. November 2014. Me, in my element, weaving through the aisles of my local HomeSense. I stop. There it is. A totally awesome piece of artwork that I knew right away would be PERFECT for our bedroom. Did I grab it and sprint directly to the checkout like I should have done? Nope. I committed the cardinal sin of HomeSense shopping – I balked. With a price tag of $150, I knew I had to walk away. Over the next couple of months, I watched it get dinged and scratched and broken as no one else bought it. With the glass broken out of it, it slowly got marked down – $100, $75, $50. By the time it got within my price range, I balked again at how beat up it was. And then, one day…

It was gone.

But not forgotten.

I was full of regret – of course. Why didn’t I just grab it? I’m not afraid of some “as is” damage. After all, our dining table has a huge chunk missing off of one corner, that we’ve been saying for 4 years that we are going to glue back in place one day – and because of that it was a cash & carry steal at 80 bucks. I can often be found in the “scratch and dent” section of any store looking for a deal, a mark that can be turned towards the wall or a chip that can be filled in. But alas, I had paused a moment too long and now the perfect piece of artwork was gone forever.

Or was it?

Fast forward to last week when scrolling through my Facebook news feed I see on the Bradford Buy & Sell group THAT VERY PIECE! Whomever had purchased it from HomeSense in the new year was now re-selling it for – wait for it – $15. Come on. I’ve never jumped at something so quickly. I arranged pick-up that night. It was as dinged and broken as I remembered. The woman who bought it had halfheartedly tried (and failed) to paint over a couple of the marks – bless. And there’s still no glass in it. But I don’t care. Sometimes the more  imperfect something is, the more I like it. It was meant to be mine.

Today, we hung that beauty up in it’s rightful place at my bedside to forever remind to “Wake up. Seize the day. Go to bed. Repeat.”



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