A little paint goes a long way.

Finally, we have a few days off. Which means lazy mornings, sleep-overs with Daisy and a couple of DIYs that we’ve been putting off for the last few weeks. It feels like ages since I posted a DIY and this is one that I’m particularly proud of. One of the selling features of our house was the quaint little porch. We’ve got a table and chairs out there, some plants and in the corner a bright little plant stand. At least it used to be bright. After 2-3 seasons in the sun, the once fabulous coral red has faded badly:

IMG_0622 IMG_0623

Ugh, it looks so sad. I could have just thrown it out and bought something new. But the shape is pretty unique and other than the fading it’s in great condition. So I thought I’d try painting it instead. Let me rephrase that: I thought I’d ask Tyler if he could paint it instead.

We debated painting it a nice bright white, but opted instead to go with a softer almond colour to match the railings and trim on the porch and a ceramic stool that we have out there as well. We used this brand, which is a primer and paint all-in-one. Then to add a little whimsy I decided to tape off the bottom third and spray it with some left over metallic gold – I mean, why not right? The result is just fabulous!


I love love love it! Here’s a closer look at the gold:


I easily could have gone out and dropped $20-$40 on something new to fill that space. Instead, I spent $6 on a can of spray paint and wound up with something that LOOKS like it cost a fortune! That’s a win, if you ask me.

Happy DIY-ing!

– C


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