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Today, I vow not to move. AT. ALL.

It has been a fitness-full couple of weekends. Last Saturday, we both participated in an in-house competition at CrossFit Bradford. It was an absolute blast. Sure, I finished the day with a panic attack after many unsuccessful attempts at a wall-walk (the control-freak in me simply CANNOT handle being upside-down) – but 3 WODs in one day with one of my favourite girlfriends as my partner was still one of the funnest ways I can think of to spend a day. Look at these post WOD #1 smiles:


This weekend our fitness took a philanthropic spin as we participated in the 2nd Annual Move Your Paws for the Polar Bear Cause at the Toronto Zoo. Fact: we love the zoo. And any opportunity there is for us to participate in their programs, or help support their research and conservation efforts, we’re there. They truly do amazing work. All the proceeds from yesterday’s event went to their Polar Bear program. We opted to run the 5K, which seemed like a great idea until the temperature decided to drop to unparalleled lows. That being said, we weren’t going to let the cold stop us from the fun. Here I am, frozen to the bone, with my participant medal:



So fun. So cold.

This week, I’ve also got the Inside Ride on the docket. Proceeds from this awesome event go to the Paediatric Oncology Clinic at our local hospital – I can’t even imagine being or having a child with cancer, and having to travel to Toronto every few days for treatment. Having those services readily available in our community is phenomenal and makes a terrible and trying situation just a little bit easier for everyone involved. It’ll be my first time on a stationary bike in more than a year, which I am pumped about. As Team Captain it’s my job to help keep my team motivated as each one of us takes our turn at 5 minutes on the bike to go as far as we possibly can. If you would like to support us, you can RIGHT HERE.

Combining fitness and fundraising is really a win-win for everyone. Though my body is taking a bit of a beating, my soul feels all warm and fuzzy seeing so many people rally behind such great causes.

Keep the kindness coming world.

– C


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