I’m celebrating!

I’m celebrating. All day. It’s a big day.

Today marks one year of being back in the world of the working. After 13 months of unemployment in 2013-14, this is truly a special milestone for me.

To celebrate, I brought some AMAZING mini cupcakes into the office to share with my wonderful co-workers/friends:



Did you just lick your screen? It’s ok. No judgement. If you are looking for cakes/cupcakes, I highly recommend Sweet B’s – her stuff is to die for. And she’s pretty lovely too.

I’m also celebrating by wearing my awesome new hunter green faux-leather skirt from Zara – THAT I GOT FOR $12!! “End-of-season clearance sale” = the most wonderful time of the year.



Skirt: Zara | TIghts: Zara | Blouse: Old Navy | Booties: The Bay | Earings: Kate Spade

Smile: free

– C












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