The Day I Met Sarah

Today was a good day. Sure, I worked ten hours straight and spent so much time staring at the computer that I began to hallucinate boxes on top of photos that weren’t really there… BUT my spectacular lunch break more than made up for it. And guys, it didn’t even involve food. I know, crazy right?

Today I got to meet someone that I very much admire and who has inspired and continues to inspire me in my designs and decor endeavours. That someone is the wonderful Sarah Richardson. She was signing copies of her aptly-named book Sarah Style at Costco. I sent my mum to line up for me at 11am and thank goodness I did because when I got there just before noon it was snaking through the insanely huge club-pack sized aisles.

When it was our turn in front of Sarah, she was every bit as lovely as I had expected her to be. We made casual conversation – my mum embarrassed me by saying “Oh, you’re her idol! She left work today to come see you” and I whispered awkwardly “My boss is actually at the back of the line!” (which incidentally, she was – ha!). She signed my book and even took a photo with me:


^Look at my face. What a dorky fan-girl smile. But I was excited!

I have admired Sarah’s work for a very long time. Her “Sarah Style” speaks to my “Claire Style” in it’s simplicity – neutral backdrops with pops of colour, mixes of old and new, high style paired with vintage bargains. I wish there had been more time today. She’s the kind of designer – no, the kind of person – you want to sit in a quaint bistro with, sipping a cup of tea and chatting about how much you love mixing stripes with florals on a neutral sofa sitting atop an antique persian rug, ya know? Maybe one day. In the meantime I will pour over her book and watch her new show: “Sarah’s Rental Cottage” on HGTV and see what new tips and tricks I can pick up. And of course I’ll read and re-read the inscription in my book which so perfectly sums up the happiness that I get out of decorating (and redecorating) my home.



– C

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